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                 LOCAL #1497           
     Representing  the Employees of Wayne State University

Union Meeting Sunday FEB. 22,2009 1pm to 3pm


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.
The right to join a union is a basic labor right that workers in the United States have in theory but not in the real world of the workplace. Everyday across America, employers routinely deny workers their legal right to freely choose to join a union and get a first contract. Employers use a combination of legal and illegal means to prevent workers from exercising their legal rights. Employers frequently use tactics such as harassment, coercion, and intimidation. We know that some employers, in total violation of the law, will even fire workers who are actively working to form a union. While new legislation under consideration only applies to workers in the private sector, this legislation is very important to AFSCME and to all workers whether they work in the private or public sectors. Increasing union density in the United States would mean that all workers have increased power in the workplace and in the political arena, and that means higher wages, better benefits and less privatization.

Pursuant to the power and authority of the Employer under the Michigan Constitution of 1963, the Employer does hereby recognize the Union as the exclusive bargaining representative for the purpose of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other conditions of employment for the term of this Agreement of all Employees of the Employer included in the Bargaining Unit described below for Wayne State University:

Representing  the Employees of Wayne State University

Laborer, Handyman, Tree Trimmer, Groundskeeper


Athletic, Intramurals and Recreation Attendant I, Athletic, Intramurals and

Recreation Attendant II.

Vehicle Operator, and Heavy Equipment Operator.

Mail Clerk, Mail Driver/Leader, Mail Clerk/Leader.

Laboratory Animal Aide, Laboratory Animal Technician I, Laboratory Animal

Technician II, Laboratory Animal Transportation Technician, Laboratory Animal


Parking Facility Security Attendant.

Lighting Maintenance Technician.

Classroom Attendant.

Parking Cleaning Attendant.

Need help Contact your union rep Damon Garrett at:(313) 673-5641



America’s middle-class is disappearing.  Good jobs are vanishing and health care coverage and retirement security are slipping out of reach for many. To get ahead economically, workers need the freedom to create and join unions – without interference from management.  Allowing working people to choose for themselves whether to have a union is the key step toward rebuilding America’s middle class. Union membership brings better wages and benefits and a real voice on the job.  And, as increased unionization bring better wages and benefits in the private sector, the pressure on state and local governments to privatize public services would be reduced. 


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